J.L. Kimmel’s THE MAGIC DOOR TO YOUR IMAGINATION – Storytelling & Imagery

Crossing the threshold’ is the turning point from the ordinary world to the magical world.


Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.
― Roald Dahl


Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
-Albert Einstein


SO GRATEFUL … On April 27th & 29th over 100 students, plus teachers, from 2nd grade to sixth at two schools walked through THE MAGIC DOOR OF YOUR IMAGINATION.



Janine Kimmel’s presentation was filled with positive energy and love. It was so moving to watch the children say their names and walk through the door – and I really felt that magic when I did it myself! ”
-Lorri Ann Wahlgren
Wanamassa School Library, NJ


A mighty oak is nothing but a little nut that held its ground!
Unknown author, adapted from an English proverb


I could not say it any better than the students who you positively affected.

I received a tingly feeling when entering the Magic Door. The floor made me feel magical and I now believe I can make my dreams come true. I created my own world with my own thoughts and emotions. It was fun and fantastical!


Mrs. Kimmel was nice and fun and encouraged me to put my thoughts and emotions into my writing. I had never looked at fantasy as a way of writing, but now I want to learn about fantasy and plan to write about a made-up world.

(These are all statements from the students– very profound!)

Thank you for making a difference.
You are truly magical and transformed many lives!
Robert Klinger III
Ocean Twn. Middle School, NJ, Language Teacher, 6th Grade

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