TYRRC Ireland Edition

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The ‘Rabbit’ Goes To Broadway

  WHAT A GREAT DAY! On Saturday November 10th at the ‘Bankstreet Bookstore’ in New York City, J. L. Kimmel and David Ceccarelli did a Book Signing for their newest creation  The Yawning Rabbit River Chronicle.               Read More

‘Strategies For Living’ Podcast Interview

 David McMillan w/ author J. L. Kimmel Article Posted October 5, 2012            The Yawning Rabbit River Chronical      Who wants to go on an adventure?                 -Podcast Interview Link-  Read More

IRELAND BOOK LAUNCH – December 8 -16

“Sean the rabbit thief, our little hero, is coming home        to Glanteenassig and the Glen!”   J. L. Kimmel, David Ceccarelli and The Yawning Rabbit River Chronicle will do a book launch beginning in County Kerry, Ireland. Details of events, readings, and  meetings to follow!          Read More