TYRRC 2013 Book of the Year!

The Yawning Rabbit River Chronicle has a book of the year award!

The Creative Child Awards Program at Creative Child Magazine has awarded TYRRC the  2013 BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARD in the Fiction Adventure Books category.


David Ceccarelli art 2013 Book of the year award

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Sharing the Magic and Adventure

Spring Time BlossomsThe Yawning Rabbit River Chronicle and The Magic Gown

Spring Tree Press Blossoms

with books like flowers…………..


Sharing the Magic and Adventure in May,

J.L. Kimmel is delighted to say: 

“Happy Enchanted books are on their way”!


Children’s hospital library recipients:

  • City of Hope, Los Angeles CA
  • New York Presbyterian Weill/Cornell Medical Center, New York City
  • St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Memphis, TN 
  • Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York City
  • Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, PA
  • Children’s Library, San Salvador, El Salvador
  • Boston Children’s Hospital, Boston, MA

The Yawning Rabbit River Chronicle and The Magic Gown were donated to help lift the spirits and inspire children, parents, and staff at these wonderful institutions.





2013 Nautilus Silver Award!

The Yawning Rabbit River Chronicle is now a recipient of the 2013 Nautilus Silver Award for Young Adult Fiction!  Nautilus Book Awards Silver and Gold Winners are carefully selected in a unique three-tier judging process by experienced teams of book reviewers, librarians, authors, editors, book store owners, and leaders in the publishing industry.



The Nautilus Story

Recognizing Books that Promote Spiritual Growth, 

Conscious Living, and Positive Social Change

as they stimulate the imagination and inspire the reader to

new possibilities for a better world.

Since ancient times, storytellers and scribes worldwide have gathered and shared the culture’s words and ideas in ways that encourage its people to think, feel, and improve the lives of upcoming generations.  For centuries, the world’s great philosophers and leaders have used books to inspire the masses and affect their attitudes  and emotions – not always for the better.

With mass global communication, political upheaval, depletion and destruction of our natural resources along with religious and secular fanaticism all growing at an alarming rate, the need for books that promote viable options for positive social change is vast, and the phrase,  “Changing the World One Book at a Time” is more meaningful than ever before. Authors and publishers and their books CAN and ARE making a difference.

Bank Street Bookstore Event!

We are so thankful for everyone who came out this past weekend for the Yawning Rabbit River Chronicle event! We had a great time reading and drawing with all of the participants. Hope to see you at another event soon!


J.L. Kimmel Interview on This Week In America

Ric Bratton, host of This Week In America, interviews J.L. Kimmel about The Yawning Rabbit River Chronicle and the awards it has received. Listen here!

TYRRC Review by Caitlin S

The Yawning Rabbit River Chronicle: Review

by Caitlin S.  age 13.

The book “Yawning Rabbit River” was very well written and I liked the suspense in it. I also liked how the author would show the same area through many years and started it from the very beginning onto hundreds of years later, in the same area, but the scenery and characters have changed greatly from the beginning. It was a really good book overall and I think a lot of kids of all ages would like it a lot. I personally passed my copy on to my friend and so far she’s really enjoyed reading it. When I first started reading it, I couldn’t put it down. I recommend the book to anyone who likes to read and I think it would encourage kids who don’t like to read, to read more often.


The River Goddess Blues

From the book The Yawning Rabbit River Chronicle (2012) page 131
by J.L. Kimmel & David Ceccarelli


Oh, the River,
runs through all kinds of places,
through the broken hearts,
past the lonely sad faces.

Man, the river, she is made of tears,
of joy and pain
carried in the silver clouds
filled with soothing rain.

Listen to her roll
’round rocks and trees
Listen to her voice
sweeter than the breeze

tonight, tonight
Feel her gentle touch.
Tonight, tonight,
We need her so much

Awaken by her side
from your murky sleep
to the comfort
of her watery keep.

This river is like life,
it never ends
but on her heartbeat
the river depends.


Lyrics by J.L. Kimmel
Music composed by Zack Kimmel
Vocals, guitar, piano – Zack Kimmel
Drums – Teddy Powell
Tin whistle, alto saxophone – Rich Reiter


Zack Kimmel

All song copyright reserved by J.L. Kimmel & Zack Kimmel 2013

Janine And David Visit Schools and Bookshops In Ireland

Castlegregory National School Visit February 18, 2013

Several of the 7th and 8th graders at Castlegregory reviewed The Yawning Rabbit River Chronicle.  Thank you to Principal Muireann De Burca and all the students that shared their insight with us!



Aughascasla National School Visit February 19, 2013

Aoife O’Mahony reviewed TYRRC  and the entire 8th grade glass played “Fairytale of New York” on tin whistles!  Thank you Principal John Moriarty for having us!


Aiofe O'Mahony
























Scoil Bhreac Chuain Vist on February 20, 2013
Principal Mary Murphy sent us a lovely note after our visit to her school.

Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 5.50.26 AM











THANK YOU to Camilla and Mike at Dingle Bookshop in Dingle and to Justine and Keith at The Beach Box in Castlegregory for your wonderful support! Hope to see you soon!

Books available at Dingle Bookshop and The Beach Box

Art, Music, Poetry and Book Signing for TYRRC – Dingle Bookshop

Yawning Rabbit Dingle Bookshop Signing

Book Signing Event at The Beach Box

The Beach Box Feb 2013

Spring Tree Press February 2013 Newsletter

Check out the February 2013 newsletter for Spring Tree Press!

Newsletter February 2013

VOYA AWARD – Il Tierreno

VOYA Award

The Yawning Rabbit River Chronicle wins VOYA award.


The Yawning Rabbit River Chronicle was awarded a spot on VOYA’s Perfect Ten list for 2012!

With over 1,100 reviews of young adult books in VOYA (Voice of Youth Advocates) in print and online in 2012, our reviewers awarded only thirty-one titles the Perfect Ten: a 5Q for quality (hard to imagine it better written) and 5P for popularity (every young adult who reads was dying to read it yesterday). A VOYA Perfect Ten title is considered to be a must-read and a must-buy by many young adult school and public librarians!

Untold Moments Collection

Book Launch In Ireland February 2013

Janine Kimmel and David Ceccarelli are very excited to be returning to Ireland next month to launch The Yawning Rabbit River Chronicle! February 15-24, 2013. More details to come soon!

Shipping For The Holidays!

tyrrc christmas books

All ready to go out into the world and enchant!

The Yawning Rabbit River Chronicle In Ireland!

West Kerry ‘Middle Earth’ Inspires Magic

In a week that will see the global cinema release of J.R.R Tolkien’s ‘The Hobbit”, it is appropriate that a new book, of a similar genre but inspired by the amazing beauty of the Castle-gregory, celebrated its official launch in Dingle.
‘The Yawning Rabbit River Chronicles’ is an epic tale penned by american writer J.L. Kimmel and beautifully illustrated by Italian artist David Ceccarelli. It follows the fate of a river and its heroes – a thieving rabbit, a deer who transforms at night, a magical boy and a rat with a heart of gold who battle against monsters and demons to bring safety to the river they love. Speaking to The Kerryman at the book’s official irish launch in Dingle Bookshop last Saturday, author Janine Kimmel explained how Glenteenassig Valley inspired David and herself to bring the tale to life.
“Four years ago David and I paid the first of three visits to ‘An Tigh Beag’ in aughacashla,” said Janine. “The area really inspired us to create this tale and many scenes in the book are drawn from the surroundings there.
The Owencashla River became the Yawning Rabbit River, Castlegregory became Briarwood and John O’Connor’s cottage is the setting for Nub Begley’s Farm,” she said.
The book – which is geared towards readers over the age of ten – has been gained a lot of attention in the USA and in Italy since its initial release last September. Indeed David’s illustrations, including a map – a West Kerry ‘Middle Earth’ of sorts – includes all kinds of local landmarks such as conor Pass and other such mystical locations such as Teru, Valley of the Giants and Laughing Wolf Pass.
“It’s doing very well in the USA and in Italy,” said Tuscany native David who hails from a small town near Florence. “Janine and I worked well together in bringing a good balance of darkness and light to the tale and people can reference the story to the area which really brings it to life.”
The owners of An Tigh Beag in Aughacashla, John and Patricia O’Connor and their son Mint, joined David and Janine in the Dingle Bookshop to launch the book last Saturday.


-Newspaper Article-


TYRRC IN IRELAND! December 2012


On Saturday, December 8th

Janine Kimmel and David Ceccarelli were at the Dingle Bookshop in County Kerry, Ireland introducing and signing thier new book “The Yawning Rabbit River Chronicle”.
These fantastic December events are being followed by:
– an interview in The Kerryman on Wednesday, December 12th
– and a reading on Friday, December 14th at The Dingle Library.


Both Janine and David are very excited about the great reception their book,
‘The Yawning Rabbit River Chronicle’ is receiving in County Kerry!


Dingle Bookshop Book Signing


SATURDAY December 8, 2pm Book Signing
Green Street, Dingle, Co Kerry, Ireland
+353 66 9152433  




For three consecutive years the American writer Janine Kimmel and Italian artist David Ceccarelli came to stay at John O’Connor’s house  An Tigh Beag at Castlegregory.  The majesty of the landscape surrounding them inspired this enchanting illustrated book.  Owencashla  became the Yawning Rabbit River, Castlegregory the fictional village of  Briarwood, and An Tigh Beag itself the setting for Nub Begley’s Farm.
The heroes of this epic tale are a thieving rabbit with the courage to do great things, a deer who transforms as night falls, a magical coin-headed boy, a dapper rat with a heart of gold and a brave boy and girl who know more than you might think.   All of them battle curses, demons, monsters, and other strange creatures to bring life and safety to the river they love.
A lovely present for anyone over the age of nine. Come and meet the author and illustrator and get your signed copy.



“Sean the rabbit thief, our little hero, is going to be in Glanteenassig and the Glen!”

December 8 – 15


SATURDAY 8 December 2pm Book Signing
The Dingle Bookshop
Green Street, Dingle, Co Kerry, Ireland
+353 66 9152433


Events/Talks, December 9th – 15th
9 Branches of  The County Kerry Library System and schools
-Dingle and Tralee will be included for Book signings-


TYRRC Ireland Edition



VOYA Magazine Review

VOYA Magazine Review
December 2012 issue
by Cynthia Winfield


5Q 5P M J
Kimmel, J. L., and David Ceccarelli. The Yawning Rabbit River Chronicle.

This magnificent, three-part tale opens in a once-idyllic forest where the creatures fear for their survival amid a drought so long-standing that none recall ever seeing a river and the dangers of hungry hunters. So desperate are they that a lightning-fast jackrabbit thief undertakes a quest to find the mythological river goddess, Violet, and race her for the river. As he departs, the forest librarian owl reads Violet’s story aloud from a very special book. Part two occurs many years later on the estate of absurdly conspicuous consumers, Mr. and Mrs. Miller, the latter of whom hates rain and nature sounds. Their children are twins purchased at a bargain price—the loud, aggressive Ash, deemed “boyish” by parents who discount the sensitive, thoughtful Dusty. A mishap with the past makes Ash evil and infects the Miller house with “soul crawlers, parasites of hate that thrived where evil lurked.” Twenty years later, in the adjoining township, part three brings thirteen-year-old Nub Begley, a farmer boy, and female classmate Nil Turner. Their adventures complete the complex tapestry of this rich tale.

In this heartwarming tale, good triumphs over evil, danger threatens every good soul, and history is contained within the pages of an important book that appears throughout. This story will make life-long readers of youth not previously committed to reading. Middle schools and public libraries will want multiple copies. Doting adults will do well to gift copies to beloved youth. Adults who take the time to explore these pages will be reminded of the important titles of their youth, the ones that originally hooked them on reading.

The ‘Rabbit’ Goes To Broadway



On Saturday November 10th at the ‘Bankstreet Bookstore’ in New York City,

J. L. Kimmel and David Ceccarelli did a Book Signing for their newest creation 

The Yawning Rabbit River Chronicle.   





Fly to New York with ‘IL Tirreno’

il Tirreno / Prato
02 novembre 2012
(Il Tirreno is an Italian newspaper. Below is a translation of the article in English)


Prato, next week, will fly to New York with 

the Yawning River Rabbit.


At the Bank Street Book Store on Broadway and 112th Street, awaits an important event: the presentation of the children’s book, co-written and in English with Janine Layton Kimmel.

“The yawning rabbit river chronicle” or “The Chronicles of the river rabbit yawning” is the title of the book that David Prato Ceccarelli and Janine Layton Kimmel American who lives in Locust, New Jersey (USA) will present the November 10.

The book, which has already been published and is already in major American bookstores by the end of September, with ample evidence of critical and sales both in the U.S. and in Ireland, will be officially presented for the first time by its authors at Bank Street Book Store, Broadway and 112th Street, and in December we will be presenting in Ireland where the story is set.

A debut over the top to the multifaceted Ceccarelli, 40, met on facebook nick with lupus famelicus (for an old nickname), with a degree in sociology, he did talk about him in the last years for extreme feats performed around the ‘Europe grinding hundreds and hundreds of miles on foot or on scooters, alone or in pairs. But it is also an illustrator for a graphic design studio in New York (allanportera.com) is creating illustrations for skateboard companies abroad (Austria) as well as to volunteer in some associations, the network administrator and the dive guide . And sorry if I have defined versatile.

And ‘his second book because in Italy has already published another children’s opera: The irresistible anchovy.

With him in this adventure for four hands is JL Kimmel, 56, writer, illustrator, sculptor, teacher and therapist (which is why you have found good synergy in the work for four hands), which in turn have assets another book: The magic gown (The dress magic).

“I met her in London at the international exhibition of children’s books – says David Ceccarelli, referring to Kimmel – So already collaborated for a U.S. publisher for whom I made the illustrations. I began to send them to her and her publisher liked them. Then we began the collaborations.  “A relationship that evolves slowly to become more solid in order to write the book for four hands.

“As Kimmel wanted to write the short story and I illustrated them for him – he says Ceccarelli – Then I began to write more short stories that she sent me to make drawings, drawing to my fictional characters developed especially in high school. The new plots are liked and so the short story became a story. I was his guest at Locust, she came to see me in Prato. Then the publisher has facilitated in finding a house / studio in Kerry Ireland where he set the book (although it is not formally expressed ) and, in the last three years, we have been three times to complete the fantastic story that will now have its official launch. “

But what is spoken of in the “Chronicles of the river rabbit yawning”?

“It’s a fantastic story divided into three parts – says Ceccarelli – It starts with the epic of a rabbit named Sean, with a trick, challenge a goddess to make a run, and so can divert a river, until it into the woods and she was dying for lack of water and beset by troubling creatures at the edge of the clearing. The second part is set in the seventies, with fantastic creatures, strange and full of magic. The third part where he addresses the issue of racism and prejudices dividing people between those who have an umbrella to fend off rain judged to bring a disease and those who do not have it and that should be used to get sick. The story of course prove that the rain is not to create problems but ‘Mangiacenere’, the one who stole the memories of others … And the division between people with and people without an umbrella, it becomes ridiculous. “

Magical and fascinating stories that drag the guys in fantasy worlds but for now you can read in English only and buying the book on U.S. markets and Irish, or on the internet. But who knows, that by 2013, “The Chronicles of the river rabbit yawning” can be translated into Italian.

The story is by Ceccarelli and Kimmel, illustrations contained therein are of the Prato only now beginning to be more popular abroad than in Italy wanting to confirm the motto nemo propheta home east.


‘The Jordan Rich Show’ Podcast Interview

October 17, 2012
WBZ 1030 News Radio
Boston, MA



‘The Yawing Rabbit River Chronicle’ by Janine Kimmel

WBZ’s News Radio Host

Jordan Rich

talks with Janine Kimmel about her book

‘The Yawning Rabbit River Chronicle’



‘Strategies For Living’ Podcast Interview

 David McMillan w/ author J. L. Kimmel
Article Posted October 5, 2012


         The Yawning Rabbit River Chronical

     Who wants to go on an adventure?

                -Podcast Interview Link-

New Review! “A Contemporary Tale in the Tradition of Great Storytelling”

This review is from: The Yawning Rabbit River Chronicle (Hardcover) on Amazon by a Top 50 & Hall of Fame reviewer.
October 12, 2012

“Throughout time the art of storytelling as a means of describing the natural phenomena and the mysteries of the world can be found in fables, tales, related dreams, and stories passed on from generation to generation. From Aesop’s fables to legends uttered by firelight these stories help us to explain the inexplicable. And it is in this vein that THE YAWNING RABBIT RIVER CHRONICLE succeeds.  Read More

The Rabbit and the River go to Italy!


Pictured: Class – V (5) A1, David Ceccarelli (dark t-shirt),
Andrea Gesmundo (striped shirt) and Teacher – Tina Massa.

On October 10, 2012, author/illustrator David Ceccarelli  and his friend Andrea Gesmundo visited 5th Grade Class A1 at Elementary School C. Guasti in Prato, Italy to talk about the Yawning Rabbit River Chronicle book and tell the story of their other adventures crossing Iceland in August, on a kickskooter.

In the center of the photograph, Andrea is holding the Yawning Rabbit River Chronicle by JLKimmel and David Ceccarelli, which was read to the students from English to Italian by their teacher, Tina Massa, prior to David and Andrea’s visit.

TYRRC Author JL Kimmel honored with Citizen Service Award last night! October 11, 2012

“Last night I was honored by being awarded with the Citizen Service Award for giving life saving CPR in Dec. 2010 at a holiday book signing event to a woman. My assistant at the time was Emma Offen who was 10 years old then (now 12) and she called to me to tell me a woman had collapsed on the floor. Emma kept her calm and responded in an amazingly mature way. Last night Emma received the Citizen Service Award as well and I remain ‘moved’ by this extraordinary experience.” -JL Kimmel


Citizen Service Award